Sunday, 5 February 2012

Indiana and the race to the bottom

Indiana's senate just voted to end the teaching of science in its public schools:

The Indiana Senate approved a bill today to allow the state’s public schools to teach creationism in science classes as long as they include origin of life theories from multiple religions.
The Senate passed the bill on a 28-22 vote even though some senators raised questions about the measure’s constitutionality. The bill now goes to the House for consideration. The bill permits local school boards to offer classes that include origin theories from religions including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Scientology.

In its original form, the bill focused solely on the addition of the Christian creation myth to the science curricula; but seeing that they were unable to stop its passage. Democratic senators added all the other religions (Scientology!) to the mix, hoping that it might make the bill less palatable to the right wingers. While I applaud their efforts to muck up the Christian extremists' agenda, no religions should be taught in science classes (or in any class taught in a public school for that matter).

Ugh. This makes my head hurt. 

Bill, restore some sanity please: 

“We’re not two sides of the same coin, and you don’t get to put your unreason up on the same shelf with my reason. Your stuff has to go over there, on the shelf with Zeus and Thor and the Kraken, with the stuff that is not evidence-based, stuff that religious people never change their mind about, no matter what happens.

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