Monday, 6 February 2012

Tonight's Musical Interlude: "120 Minutes", April 27, 1986

I've decided to dedicate Sunday's interludes to MTV's "120 Minutes". When I was a teenager I watched the show religiously and it helped define my musical tastes beyond the crap played on pop radio.

I found the show's playlists (I'm not sure if it's complete collection, but I think it's close enough), I'm going to start from the beginning and play the videos in the order they aired. This means that I will be posting a ton of totally awful, horrible, no good bands/songs/videos. Unfortunately, tonight is one of those nights.

From: April 27, 1986
Host: J.J. Jackson

Lou Reed, "No Money Down"

What the hell was Lou thinking? The song is a pop nightmare. Given his well-earned status as a rock genius, I think this is a bit offensive. I dunno. Maybe I'm missing its brilliance. 
Plus, the video is just creepy.

The Blow Monkeys, "Diggin' Your Scene"

I generally like 80s pop music and overall this song isn't completely awful. I mean, it is pretty catchy. But, I think the lead singer is trying way to hard to be cool. Sorry the video quality sucks. 

Art of Noise, "Peter Gunn"

The only good thing about this song is that it was used in "Sixteen Candles". This video is an excellent example of the god-awful camp that made up a huge chunk of 1980s pop culture. Yea, sure some camp is cool, but this is just plain stupid.

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