Saturday, 4 February 2012

Payback will be a bitch

Just when you think Arizona can't climb any higher on the index of states with the most paranoid xenophobic inbreds, this happens: 

Reacting to a Democratic colleagues apparently incendiary request to celebrate a Latino American day, State Rep. Cecil Ash (R) declared that he’d support the idea as long as there’s a holiday for white people too. “I’m supportive of this proposition. I just want them to assure me that when we do become in the minority you’ll have a day for us,” he said. Ash was “trying to lighten things up,” but when CBS 5 asked if he was serious about a Caucasian holiday, he offered an unequivocal “yes”:
ASH: Yes, I think it was appropriate. It was appropriate for the mood that was in the House and I think that if and when the Caucasian population becomes a minority, they may want to celebrate the accomplishments and the contributions of the Caucasian population the same way.

While Arizona displays new lows in racist fuckery, I can't help but giggle. Don't they realise that they are pretty much guaranteeing that they will NEVER hold office once the brown-skins become the majority population and become overlords of their cracker asses?

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