Monday, 16 January 2012

About this blog thing...

Soooooooo….today I finally decided to join the blogpshpere.

I guess I can start by introducing myself (although, if you are reading this you are probably already my friend and know me too well) and answer the question as to why the hell I’m doing this.
Originally, from Nebraska in the United States, I’ve lived the nomadic life in Europe since 2008. I’m currently calling Prague home and, for the most part, it’s awesome.  I studied central European history in college, focusing largely on the former Czechoslovakia and Soviet Union (among other things), so living here is pretty amazing.

My main hobby (or obsession) is politics. I’m a complete political junkie and have driven many a friend insane with my ramblings on the latest happenings in DC and on the election trail. I live and breathe politics and my computer is tuned to liberal talk radio 24/7.  Although I’m a member if the Democratic Party (and  vote as one in every election) I consider myself a pragmatic radical. I guess if I had to label myself I would be a “Social Democrat”, but more on that later.

The main reason for starting this blog is that I need to get all of the political/trivial/insane shit out of my head. Let’s just say that I’m pretty much an elderly shut-in who doesn’t get out very much. Any human interaction would be sweeeeeeeet.

So….I guess this space will be used for the latest in ramblings concerning politics as well as  what makes me giddy or what drives me insane, and everything else in-between.  Apologies if it takes me forever to figure out how to work the technical/behind the curtain workings of blogs. So very confusing! This might take awhile....

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