Sunday, 22 January 2012

The point where I wish I wasn't so lazy. I really need a beer.

I'm leery of predicting who will win the South Carolina primary. I totally misread the state's Republican party; I didn't know just how how easily they would accept the racist red meat Newt Gingrich threw at them every time he opened his mouth. I forgot that this is the state where during the 2000 primary, Karl Rove was successful in destroying McCain's lead by spreading the rumour that he fathered an illegitimate Black child. South Carolina should just get back to their ultimate dream of seceding from the Union.
Racist, ignorant bastards.
Also, I thought that Gingrich's philandering would hurt him with the average, evangelical Republican voter. I guess, maybe, that it might come down to people just really hate Mitt Romney and that they are willing to accept Gingrich's baggage.

The polls have Gingrich over Romney, but I don't know how far he could take this victory (if it happens): He's not on the primary ballot in Virginia, and I don't think his awful rhetoric will be accepted by the voters in Florida.

Who freaking knows? This primary is just too depressing.

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