Thursday, 26 January 2012

Hey ladies! Fortenberry's got your back!

Right wing extremists are having conniption fits in reaction to President Obama's new contraception mandate which requires most employers to cover birth control in their health care plans without co-pays or deductibles. You know, like Viagra.
 Let me introduce you to Representative Jeff Fortenberry from my home state of Nebraska. Apparently his degrees in economics and theology are useful in determining what constitutes a woman's "basic health care needs":

FORTENBERRY: Fundamentally, I believe this is a bailout for Planned Parenthood because what it does is provide a number of electives that are now free and it is ideologically and politically driven because it is unrelated to the basic needs of health care, most of which is driven by the onset of chronic illness — that’s about 74 to 75 percent of where the costs come from. So if we were serious about trying to get underneath the underlying factors that are driving up health care costs and really worry about prevention, we’d focus on health and wellness and chronic disease prevention. That just leads me to conclude that this was politically and ideologically driven...It’s a bailout for Planned Parenthood, it’s a direct subsidy to the abortion industry, who is entangled with these services, that’s their political agenda.

So I guess the only reason women use birth control is to to prevent getting knocked up?

Yea. Not so much.

I love how this fool is saying the mandate is "politically and ideologically driven". Isn't his opposition to birth control coverage "politically and ideologically driven"?

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