Friday, 20 January 2012

Good on ya, Mitt!

Calling on Gingrich to release the ethics report that led to the end of his congressional career is a smart move by Romney. I don't see how ol' Newt can refuse to do so and at the same time demand that Romney release his tax records. But, then again, Gingrich never fails to surprise me. He is so very corrupt and awful:
Gingrich was the first House speaker in American history to be disciplined for ethical wrongdoing. A total of 84 ethics charges were filed against him on a host of issues, including violating federal tax law and House ethics rules. Most of the charges were dropped, but he was eventually sanctioned $300,000 by a overwhelming 395-28 House vote, which included many of Gingrich's allies voting against him.

Gingrich is just a fascinating character to watch. Nobody in DC likes him. When career politicians in your own party speak openly about how much of a massive douchebag you are, you can pretty much bet you are a massive douchebag. And the fact that Gingrich is so arrogant to assume that the people who hate him will eventually support him as a presidential candidate is freaking nuts!

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