Friday, 20 January 2012

News that will drive you to drink

Good morning, afternoon, night....whatever.

This will be me by October.
Let me tell ya, yesterday was a CRAZY day on the political scene. I think I've developed a case of whiplash.

First, Rick Perry decides to head back to Texas after realizing that god doesn't love him that much and won't let him be president.

Then, it comes out (not really that surprisingly) that Willard "Mitt" Romney has secret bank accounts in the Cayman Islands. Huh. Not really sure this is much of a scandal; I thought it was mandatory for the 1%.

Then, ABC News' airs an interview with Newt Gingrich's ex-wife which had some pretty juicy revelations about their relationship. It's pretty common knowledge that Gingrich is a massive philanderer, and I think I overestimated the impact that this would have on his campaign. BUT! I do think it highlights not only Gingrich's complete and total hypocrisy, but also that of the entire cabal of fundamentalist extremists who will vote for him in spite of his behaviour. All I can say is if I hear ANY Gingrich supporter talk about "traditional family values" ever again, I will burn down their houses. Each and every one.
Not really. I'm super scared of fire.

THEN! The debate in South Carolina. Wow. Even though there have been about 12,879 GOP debates (so far!!) during this election cycle, they never seem to bore me and it appears that last night's did not disappoint. Romney waffled about releasing his tax returns and Gingrich attacked the moderator for even daring to ask about his philandering. Newt's lack of self-awareness is stunning!

BUT! I think the best part of the day was appreciating just how freaking cool it is to have a president who does this:

So very cool.

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