Sunday, 29 January 2012

Grifters for Gingrich 2012!

Poor ol' Newt! With his poll numbers tanking and his fellow establishment Republicans turning their backs on him, again, and again, it doesn't look like his  victory in South Carolina will be mirrored in the Sunshine State.

Never fear! Not everybody hates him. Gingrich won the much coveted Chuck Norris endorsement and now his fellow grifters, felons and philanderers within the Republican Party are coming to his defence.

First, Herman Cain announced yesterday that he "enthusiastically" endorses Gingrich as the 2012 Republican nominee. Then, Mama grifter Sarah Palin went on Fox News and Facebook to defend Gingrich against the GOP smear campaign, calling it "Stalin-esque". The Snowbilly hasn't endorsed anyone yet (she's waiting to see what she can get out of the deal), but her defence of Gingrich against the ol' big meanies is close enough.
Finally, the biggest "get" for the former House Speaker is Randy "Duke" Cunningham. The former Republican congressman is currently serving time in federal prison for bribery in one of the "largest congressional corruption cases in recent memory" and took time out of his busy schedule to pen a love letter:
"Newt, a voice out of the past. Down but not out and still fighting. First I do not want anything from you but have been watching the debates. I have 80% of inmates that would vote for you. They might not be able to but their extended families will. When you are president I could help you with prison and justice reform if wanted."  (emphasis mine)
We will have to wait and see if Newt can turn this red-hot momentum into a teabagging miracle. I really hope so!

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