Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The best democracy money can buy

I just discovered this:

Totally mind numbing...

The amount candidates have spent on ads (so far!) decreased by almost 80%. Meanwhile, ads bought by interest groups increased by over 1280%.

What the fucking hell?
A new study out today by the Wesleyan Media Project shows Romney and his allies, particularly the Restore Our Future super PAC, have aired 12,768 ads in Florida compared with 210 for Gingrich and his allies.
Politico is reporting that Romney has outspent Gingrich in Florida by almost $12 million - just on ads. As of Friday, Mitt's campaign and the super PAC Restore Our Future has spent a combined $15, 340,000. Meanwhile, Gingrich and the super PAC Winning Our Future have spent a meagre $3,390,000.

Does a Romney win in Florida mean that he is the better candidate? Or, is it just another example of what a shitload of money can buy you?

This is money spent in just one state. Can we all finally admit that our political system is totally obscene?

Lots of love to Supreme Court! Your Citizens United ruling is doing one hell of a job!

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